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"Web design with SEO in mind" gets highest organic SERP - Design your web site with the "Clean Code Advantage" and leave your competition in the dust! Our proven "on-page" SEO web design techniques get the highest organic search engine results placement (SERP) for our clients. Put the Clean Code Advantage with bop35 SEO web design to work for you and get your website to the top of Organic SERP!

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SERP: Search Engine Results Placement


Get Found Online

Top Organic SERP is the Holy Grail of search engine marketing and web design with seo in mind will help you get there.

Everybody's doing it - they're looking for whatever it is they want on the web with search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing. Today, in order to remain competitive, your business website needs to be found online by the consumers already searching for the products and services that you sell. And that's just what bop35 SEO web design helps you do - GET FOUND ONLINE.

Lets Get Started Today with Nicks Web Works SEO Web Design for top organic SERP and leave your competition in the dust


Organic SERP vs PPC

Organic SERP are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include "pay per click" (ppc) advertising. According to the PEW research center, users avoid clicking results they know to be ads. Anybody can buy "pay per click" (ppc) ads but "organic" serp will most likely return the info you need to solve a problem, satisfy a desire or both because the content of your SEO Web Design website is relevant to the search terms. It is the goal of search engines to END YOUR SEARCH.


Why "Clean Code"?

Clean code has the strategic advantage that, quite simply, Google prefers it and ranks higher! Give your website the "Clean Code Advantage" over your competition today before they wake up and smell the coffee! (or call me, whichever comes first)


SEO Web Design = Top Organic Page Rank in SERPs

Nick Sharpe's web design service is original art, logos, graphics and relevant content (copy) all built on top of "Semantic" HTML + CSS to give your business the Clean Code Advantage over your competition. In today's economic climate, the small and medium business owner needs every advantage they can get and "Web Design with SEO in Mind" is PROVEN to increase ORGANIC SERP (Search Engine Results Placement). That means more page views and more opportunity to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!



SEO For Your Logos, Graphics and Art

Original SEO Logo designs by Nick Sharpe

Chava Electrolysis logo with sunflower by Nick Sharpe


"On-Page" SEO - the Critical Element In Your SEM strategy

Before you invest B-I-G $$ in algorithmic keyword voodoo, make sure you have a strong code foundation to build on! I can also show you how much you are missing out by not having the Clean Code Advantage! "Web design with SEO in mind" is the best bang for your web marketing buck!

Let us show you how a modest investment in clean code for your site will increase your valuable SEO (search engine optimization) resulting in improved Google placement in Organic SERP!


View bop35 SEO website design gallery and see how we do it!