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With SEO In Mind

From Zero to Hero! Complete NEW SEO web design built with the "Clean Code Advantage" for max ORGANIC serp

"After a free analysis, Nick explained to me that from a code standpoint my website was extemely lacking and actually sending business to my competitors! He quickly and accurately designed a new website with the latest SEO strategy and in three days had me at the top of the first page of organic listings based upon relative key words he selected. If that is not delivering the goods I do not know what is."
"I wrote Nick a check on Friday, #1 on Sunday!"
- Dennis Goddard


Fresh SEO web design. This was a brand new web site built from the ground up with semantic html and css, a super Google friendly code technique that resulted in #1 SERP for

Visual design, logo design, content, layout and SEO - Nick Sharpe NWW/bop35 seo web design studio

#1 With a Bullet! - SEO for landing pages

"Thank you for doing an absolutely outstanding job handling SEO for my website. Before you worked on my site it did not show up for any of my relevant keywords that could help potential clients find me online. In a remarkably short time you got me to Google's first page Position One for one of my keywords (to my great joy and amazement) and for a second keyword I am now on Page 2. You brought me out of the desert and closer to the promised land. Well done! -David Weiss

In an extremely competitive market, a search for "qualified sales appointments" returned #1 in Google! Nick's Web Works has proven time and again to get search results placement (srp) at or near the top for our web design clients. For the best ROI on any budget, doesn't it make sense to make a small investment in proper web site design? Contact Us now and get the Clean Code Advantage for your business today.

Visual design, logo, content, layout: Shannon Brown    SEO: Nick Sharpe NWW

jean harter website screen shot

SEO webdesign for Professionals SERP

Freelancers need SEO, too. Your CV, resume, bio and other info becomes keyword searchable not only in Google, Yahoo and bing, but also for other headhunting technologies. Jean Harter is a set designer and digital modeler in Hollywood and needs to display her work to possible clients/producers in web browsers, mobile phones, pads and other devices. NicksWebWorks Clean Code Advantage will help insure that her site comes up in the top SERP for her keywords. -Jean Harter


Another good reason to update your browser is to see all the great new design elements, like translucent backgrounds, rounded corners and custom fonts which can now be written in the CSS code to reduce page weight (like too many images) to improve page load time, which is one of the criteria for hi SERP. Click on thumbnail to see the site in full resolution and see the subtle elements in her page design.

Visual design, logo, content, layout and SEO xhtml: Nickswebworks    SEO: Nick Sharpe NWW

Clean code advantage for diy websites

"Nick made (code) changes to my small business web site and in less than three months, I was showing up on page 1 of Google in all the relevant search categories of my very popular hair removal business! He is fast, efficient, and a delight to work with. I am committed to the ongoing optimization of my web site and will be working with Nick to get my site to the #1 position in organic / natural search results! If anyone can do it, Nick can." - Nicole Policicchio

This is a Do-It-Yourself "GoDaddy" site that Nicole made herself. What NWW did was go in and transform all the extraneous template generated code to Clean Code Advantage SEO, i.e. xhtml and css, with researched keywords imbedded in all the places that Google "reads". Electroyogi went from nowhere to page one beating out her more established competition, and still HOLDS HER PLACE today (Mar 2011 - see blog post for details).

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Visual design, content, layout: Nicole Policicchio    SEO: Nick Sharpe NWW

Music, the Arts and Entertainment

the other BOP35
We like our music and we like to have fun! After a busy day, we check in to hear new music, see who's playing and whats going on in Hollywood. We can apply the bop35 seo magic to your band, theater or other showbiz website for your fans. The same with any business, you have to not only look good, but have the integrity ("true grit" we like to call it) that comes when you design with the Clean Code Advantage.

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Visual design, logo design, content, layout, music and SEO: Nick Sharpe NWW

Photography and the art of selling Music

a Picture Speaks...
There's nothing like a great photo to get your attention. This "disco ball eclipse" shot by Fara Sosa says it all - party, dancing and the fantasies that music brings to life. In the time honorred tradition of album cover art, a visually pleasing image hints at the promise of the musical pleasures that lay just a click away...

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Visual design, logo design, content, layout, music and SEO: Nick Sharpe NWW

Selling the dream with bop 35  seo web design for best search results placement for The Appointment Source New York City Rank better in search results - get pole position with the Clean Code Advantage number one placement by nicks web works seo web design los angeles bop35 seo web design for better search engine results placement or SERP