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SEO Web Design Services


SEO Web Design Consulting

we'll show you what it takes to get higher GOOGLE page rank in search results!

Is Your Website Working For You?

Contact us now for a free consultation and analysis of your current web design, the level of SEO and how it effects your basic Search Engine Results Placement - SERP, or "page rank".



New Website Design? Start off Right with the Clean Code Advantage

"and leave your competition in the dust!"

From the "doctype" to the last closing html tag, the underlying code behind your great looking website will be done right the first time. It will include all the necessary tags and keyword content to make your site search engine friendly. This is what all the SEO specialists will do before they get to their keyword algorithm voodoo, so get it done right out of the gate and save yourself $$$.



SEO for Existing and Established Websites

We can upgrade your existing website with the latest in "on page" SEO technology. To see what we do to improve your Google placement implementing white hat seo web design, click here


Domain Name and Web Hosting Services

"stake your claim in cyberspace!"

Your Domain Name is Your Brand

We'll get your domain name registered and find the best hosting solution for your web presence. Whether you are just hanging out a shingle or a full e-commerce on-line store, we'll find you the best deal.

We can give you the Clean Code Advantage with semantic html + CSS. We also have many contacts in the web hosting market and we may be able to find you a better webhosting deal. The perfomance of your web site and your web HOST are factors in Google SERP. Also, we can help administer your current site wherever you are hosted. Ask about our monthly maintenance plans.

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SEO Editorial - Content Creation

"it's all about the WORDS"

SEO Content for your Existing Website.

Your words tell the story! SEO is all about the WORDS. Just give us the facts and let our seasoned, experienced marketing and sales team state your case in the most concise, keyword laden copy possible. By bringing your website "up to code" (compliant with the latest standards) with relevant, searchable content, you will increase your visibility to the Search Bots and that improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for higher GOOGLE page rank in search results (SERP)!

"On Page" SEO is Google friendly images, text and semantic web page code

We can take your jpg, gif or png blocks of text (as images) and recreate them using semantic html and CSS. Depending on the "font family" (font-face, ex. Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet etc.), the size, color and placement will be very close, if not spot on. This makes your important text "search engine readable" to the searchbots, making your site more visible. This is also the first thing any Search Engine Marketing program will do before they implement more sophisticated SEO technologies.

We also go in and clean out all extraneaous and duplicate code generated by many WYSIWYG web design software programs (like "Website Tonite" from Godaddy!) and unscrupulous web "designers" (who steal code from other websites and put your name and pictures on it!). Cleaning out the clutter will make your web pages more "Google Friendly", resulting in higher search results placement or SRP. You have to be at or near the top in Google rankings just to be found, and bop35's on page SEO formula gives your business the "Clean Code Advantage"



Landing Page Optimization - SEO for Landing Pages

with the Clean Code Advantage

Let's talk "conversion rate". Now that your "on-page" SEO is getting you high SRP and the resultant increase in page views, we have to convert the "lookers" into "doers". With scientifically tested and proven page layout and design, and well placed "calls to action" you should get more calls and/or more inquiries with your contact forms.

Clarity Trumps Persuasion

With landing page optimization, your visitor will know the answer to these three questions - where am I? what can I do here, and why should I do it? According to research by "Marketing Experiments", you have 3-5 seconds to answer those questions correctly before your visitor clicks away from your website.

If you have a serious interest in your firm's search engine marketing, then I recommend you subscribe to Marketing Experiments. They're a research laboratory with a simple (but not easy) seven-word mission statement: To discover what really works in optimization.


Contact us today for a FREE consultation on how to optimize your landing pages!



Invest wisely. Get your "On-Page" SEO house in order before signing on with expensive algorithmic keyword voodoo programs. bop35's "on-page" SEO is the strong foundation that your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy is built on. A modest investment in clean code now will pay off big in the short and long term and can save you b-i-g dollars in your ppc expenditures. Remember, a "cheap" website could cost more than you save because of lost business opportunities.


Improve your Search Results Placement with Clean Code Advantage

Graphic Design Services

Google Friendly Logo and Graphic Design


Graphic Artists Web Designers Agencies and Website/business owners

We'll slice your PSD to clean xhtml and css

We can take your page layouts designed in Photoshop and slice with xhtml and css to give your website the Clean Code Advantage. Also, we'll "tag" your graphic elements with "alt", "title" and "name" attributes, the kind of candy that google loves!

Call or contact using our online form for free quote. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Your site should be completely optimized for search engines.


To get "found", you need the best search engine page rank possible. While developing your web presence, we will take every major factor into account to ensure you're getting noticed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. While "SEO" is a big buzzword in the internet community, it is not so complicated when you build a site from scratch. However, when attempting to optimize an existing website it can be much more of a challenge. For example, a site built completely in "Flash" will never perform as well as a site developed with bop 35 seo webdesign studio's Clean Code Advantage (CSS & XHTML). When you are ready to improve your Google placement in the SERP's (page rank), call or e using our online form for a free analysis and consultation. We've done this many times where we improve an existing web site's position in the SERPs by changing the underlying code, as most of our clients have experienced.

No Promises. Just Proven Results.

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Improve your Search Results Placement (SRP, or "page rank") with bop35's Clean Code Advantage seo web design.

PPC is temporary
SEO is forever!




  • Free Home Page Analysis
  • Free Consultation
  • SEO page title
  • Researched Keywords
  • Unique Meta tags
  • Alt, title and name tags
     (up to 5 items)

the absolute minimum you need to be Search Engine Optimized!

A little SEO can go a long way!

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Top 5 Website Redesign Tips

When doing a website redesign, we keep these 5 tips in mind and use bop 35's "Clean Code Advanatge" in the process for maximum SERP.


  1. Goal: More visitors and leads - The reason you are redesigning your website is to impact your business, not because you or your CEO are bored with the design. So, focus on the results you want: more visitors, leads and customers, then make decisions based on these goals.
  2. Be Organized: Avoid pitfalls - Inventory your assets and protect them. A website redesign can negatively impact your results by unintentionally removing the assets - website pages and links - that are driving the most leads for you. Make sure to figure out your most powerful pages and links and protect them during the redesign process. This is where Google analytics comes into play
  3. Words: Communicate your offer distinctly - Invest in remarkable content that attracts visitors and converts them into leads. A fancy design does not necessarily bring results. Focus on function over form. Develop an ongoing content creation strategy (this means blogging!) to add more content to your website over time.
  4. Improve Conversion rate: Create conversion opportunities with calls to action and landing pages. Once you have visitors coming to your website, give them the opportunity to give you their contact information in exchange for content. This means using landing pages - and having control over your landing pages - as you build out your new website.
  5. Analyze: Measure the impact on visitors and leads. At the beginning of your website redesign process, you decided you wanted to increase visitors and leads. To see if your changes were effective, make sure you have the website analytics in place to measure your progress towards your goals.

A business website is a business tool and should deliver business results. Leave the works of art to the galleries and museums. Your career and your company will thank you for it.





yes i want bop 35 seo webdesign Clean Code Advantage now

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